Our History

History of our establishment

The school La Nouvelle Alliance started in Aix en Provence in 1984 with preschool/kindergarten, and elementary/primary school. Four families wanted to educate their children according to a Christian world view. The secular French schools do not allow this approach. More families joined and the school moved into the current location in 1995 which can hold up to around 60 children. In the early 1990s the middle/secondary school opened.

Protestant schools in France today

La Nouvelle Alliance is part of a group of non-government contract protestant schools (AESPEF - Réseau Mathurin Cordier).


There are about 40 in France, from preschool/kindergarten to high school/secondary school.


La Nouvelle Alliance is also part of the Association of International Christian Schools (ACSI), which brings together thousands of schools on different continents.

Historical Foundations

« The church never flourished without a school. » (John Calvin)

Protestant churches were born under the impetus of the reformers, who had developed a wide vision to convey their beliefs to the next generation. The motto at the time of the Reformation was: “one church, one school,” and the pastors often filled the roles of teachers. The challenge resided especially in access for everyone to read the Bible, in harmony with the vision of the development of a personal, responsible faith. Passing it on to the next generation was considered a key in the progression and enduring message of the Reformation. 

In the 16th century, more than 2000 Huguenot primary and secondary schools existed in France, and there were about twenty university level protestant academies.

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